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Nostalgia Filter : Subverted in Cat Fingers where Doug says boy shows in the 80s tried harder, but then corrects himself a few minutes later saying they didn't and just appealed because machine a sous en ligne gratuit sans telechargement slot toys.
Praising Shows You Don't Watch : Inverted with Doug and 50 Shades, as he admits he's only read a few passages, but is mostly (as he's also agreed with women that it promotes abuse) agreeing with book-reading Rob that it's all entertainingly bad.Desperately Craves Affection : Creator Thumbprint.I Resemble That Remark!Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films : Subverted as the Walkers (Rob especially) have talked a lot about the 80s movies they watched as a kid and how they love them, and Doug has said that the nightmares they gave him have made him tougher.Cliché Storm : He describes Brother Bear 2, The Cheetah Girls, and both Camp Rock movies as this.In the real thoughts for The Monster Squad, Doug is trying to talk about how even though he loves the film it's inappropriate for kids, and Rob mocks "maybe not for today's kids, trigger alert".Has an odd moment in "Return To Omashu where he, assuming that people don't like him praising something, tells the audience that if they want to see tired old rage at something, go to Critic.Attention Whore : Lampshaded.Country Matters : Joked about when Doug complains about possible Finn/Bubblegum subtext in "You Made Me and alluding to people being assholes to Jori for the previous set of vlogs.They find it a little muting the message that "Too Short To Ride" has the others tell Peri that they like her for who she is, and then she gets metal powers, and Doug compares it to makeover shows that he hates (though he likes.
Doug : Don't leave me!.please?In the "Top 10 Favorite Movie Moments he talks about people telling him he's this, and how he goes between thinking he can work even harder and realizing that they're right.It's All About Me : Played for Laughs in On The Run when Doug relates to Pearl's myopia and Rob teases him for this.There's also Real Thoughts On Bridge To Terabithia where he has a gigglefit about the "meanest thing he's ever done" title card.Dude likes his kidnapping plots.Stepford Smiler : Lindsay Ellis has talked about how he needs a Happy Place to escape from everything, and has a talent for turning a blind eye to crappy things going down.For female vs female, "Too Young" has Jason call Doug out on buying everything Marceline does as a part of a character, but judging Bubblegum (as "boring" when she's nice or a "bitch" when she has a crazy moment) no matter what she does.

In one of her videos, Rachel surmised that Doug wasn't human because nobody else she knows could come back from an England con and then work for twelve hours, and Kyle/Paw in the Les Miserables commentary recalled he said the" below before filming the.