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The design aims to maximise the bandwidth over which both radiation pattern and impedance performance is acceptable by designing for S11 -10 dB at the centre frequency.
The bow-tie slot antenna fed by an ungrounded CPW has the advantage of ease of fabrication owing to its single metallisation and dielectric layers.
Slot antennas have several appealing advantages over microstrip antennas: they provide wider bandwidth, good impedance matching, and the possibility of obtaining bidirectional and unidirectional radiation patterns.
In this mode, the equivalent magnetic currents on both CPW slots radiate almost out of phase, contributing negligibly to the cross-polar component of the radiation pattern.Coplanar waveguides are preferable to microstrip lines for several reasons, such as their low dispersion, the ability to effectively control their characteristic.The central connector of the SMA connector is soldered onto the central metal surface between the two slots of the CPW structure, while the ground batterie voiture geant casino of the SMA connector is soldered to the outer metal surfaces on either side of the slots of the CPW.The basic antenna and feed structure has a bandwidth in the order.Polarisation, linear -, radiation pattern, bi-directional -, gain 4 dBi -, performance bandwidth.Integrated circuit antennas are becoming increasingly popular owing to their advantages in terms of size, cost, and possible direct integration with communication system electronics.One such example can be found in Eldek.The slots of the CPW feed flow directly into the bow-tie slot arms.Antenna Magus.5.0:, Content Copyright Magus Pty (Ltd) Typical input impedance vs frequency CPW-fed bow-tie slot 4 Typical 3D gain pattern in dB at the centre frequency Typical gain in dB versus angle at the centre frequency.
When a substrate is used, thin, low-permittivity substrates are preferred to avoid the degradation of antenna performance.
To increase (decrease) the frequency of operation, decrease (increase) the arm length - To improve the impedance match, decrease the substrate thickness and permittivity - To increase gain, decrease the substrate thickness and permittivity Note: Antennas on thick and higher permittivity substrates may lead.CPW-fed bow-tie slot 6 Design Guidelines The reference impedance.Model Information (AWR design environment) Model 1 Planar model of a CPW-fed bow-tie antenna on an infinite substrate.Expect: - Small frequency offsets (-3 to 3) - Possibly inaccurate reflection coefficients below -15 dB Antenna Magus.5.0:, Content Copyright Magus Pty (Ltd) Each export model has been validated to give the expected results for several parameter variations in the design space.Feed Method The bow-tie slot antenna is usually fed by a CPW structure, which in turn is often fed directly by an SMA connector.They are divided into two main classes, microstrip and slot types.The bow-tie antenna represents one of the simplest dipole variations, and provides reasonable wide-band performance in spite of its simplicity.The dipole-like radiation patterns make these antennas suitable for the mobile communication system Soliman.The effect of surface waves Antenna Magus.5.0:, Content Copyright Magus Pty (Ltd) and substrate size are described in the Magus article: Planar antennas and surface waves.This model uses a finite ground and an infinite (Greens function) dielectric.

To perform the comparisons, the additional geometry was added to the standard model.
Typical S11 in dB vs frequency with reference impedance.
The reference includes an additional CPW-slot bow-tie-slot matching section that is not part of the standard CPW-fed bow-tie.